Coaching and Guiding

Already a paddler or want an introduction to whitewater kayaking? We can show you our world-class local runs or provide specific whitewater coaching.   We offer individually designed courses for your group.

Dynamic Kayaking

Our dynamic kayaking week is based on a class 3 kayaker that is looking to improve. Look through the glass of whitewater kayaking in a whole new light. We will look at your skills as a whole and break down bit by bit the hard side of things.   We will look into the modern dynamic style of river running and basic river tactics that will make sense. We know the spots to break down moves and run them again and again. This week is for people looking to try something new and find out that Voss is not just for the big boys of whitewater kayaking!

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NPF certified Beginners Course  A perfect introduction to whitewater, designed for beginners or as a refresher. The aim of course is to provide you with the tools you need in order to become a whitewater kayaker. Duration: 16 hours – 2 days (also available in multi-day/evenings) What you will learn: Wet exits/self-rescue Whitewater paddle strokes and techniques Boat control Entering, exiting and paddling through rapids Basic River reading and understanding Basic safety knowledge What the course includes: All kayaking equipment and immersion protection Shuttle transportation Vossasjøt BBQ lunch NPF Elvgrunnkurs certification What you will need: Your own thermals, wool socks, and shoes that can get wet Lunch for Day 1 of the course


Rent kayaks and equipment for either a half day or a full day

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Rolling course

Come and join us for rolling training. Techniques and tips so that you can have a bomber roll!

Safety Course

An essential course to all paddlers. The safety course covers essential knowledge needed to perform rescues and how-to minimize unnecessary risks on the river.

Special Booking

A special booking is a bespoke booking for a trip with Kayak Voss. 

Tandem Whitewater Kayaking Trips

Experience the thrill of whitewater without needing any previous whitewater experience. Best for those who wish to dive right into whitewater or have limited time. The whitewater will be chosen based on water levels and your own will for the thrill. The trip will first begin with a relaxing warm-up run where you will have the chance to get used to the equipment and get your first taste of whitewater. The trip will continue through different challenging rapids with your guide always guiding you at the back of the tandem kayak.


Designed for kayakers with already a basic/intermediate whitewater experience in order to improve whitewater paddling techniques.

Vosso Cruise

This river cruise trip is a great introduction into whitewater kayaking where you will learn how to enter and exit the kayak, learn how to turn, paddle forwards and backwards while having a fun time. Our instructors will guide you down a beautiful stretch of the Raundalen river before both Raundalen and Stranda rivers meet. From this point the river changes colours and we can see an amazing view of Lønahorgi mountain in the background all before we paddle into Voss lake.