Dynamic Kayaking

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Our dynamic kayaking week is based on a class 3 kayaker that is looking to improve. Look through the glass of whitewater kayaking in a whole new light. We will look at your skills as a whole and break down bit by bit the hard side of things.

We will look into the modern dynamic style of river running and basic river tactics that will make sense. We know the spots to break down moves and run them again and again. This week is for people looking to try something new and find out that Voss is not just for the big boys of whitewater kayaking!

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Day 1 Sunday: Arrival day,Fly into Bergen flesland, train to Voss. Get settled in accommodation

Day 2 Monday: Fitted into boats, evaluate gear. Warm up on Vosso. A nice big volume run.

Day 3 Tuesday: Stranda, Build on skills from previous day

Day 4 Wednesday: Raundalen, Playrun. Half day. 

Day 5 Thursday: Upper Jordalen, just like scotland

Day 6 Friday: Pick your favourite run and run it again! 

Day 7 Saturday: Departure day,  drop off at Flesland Bergen airport


This is a rough layout of the week, as we know the whitewater environment can change depending on the groups ability and skill level. Also the weather is a strong factor and any unforeseen circumstances


Whats included: 
  • Coaching and guiding in rivers around Voss
  • Video coaching, breaking down river skills
  • Kayak rental from our fleet of boats
  • Transport to and from the river
  • 3 Dinners, all breakfasts and lunches
  • Photos from the trip
  • Local self catering accommodation